Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Genting Snow World!!!

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Snow World, the “largest” indoor snow house in Malaysia, is the latest attraction of the Genting theme park. It’s quite small actually, and you can’t even see an ice sculptures in the snow house. The temperature was minus 4 degrees Celsius and it was quite freezing cold.

At the Snow Word, you’ll need to pay an entry fee of RM17 for adults, while RM14 will be charged for kids to stay inside the snow house for just a mere 40 minutes. FYI, winter jacket, boots and gloves will be provided free of charge but they smell badly.

The visitors are not allowed to bring in any mobile phone, camera or video cam inside. There are some rude photographers inside which charged an exorbitant price for the photo taken. Just so you know, a 5R photo cost about RM 16 and 8R photo cost around RM25. It’s damn expensive.

For those who love to get your bum hurt, why not try the Extreme Cresta Run Toboggan slide. It offers winter icy thrills and spills.

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Genting Snow World said...

II enjoyed my vacation in Genting and the time we visit the Snow World. Hope to get back there and have some fun more..

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