Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lindsay Lohan's Fornarina Campaign Pics!!!

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What's a pretty picture! It's darn appealing and Perfect!!! Lindsay Lohan had fully represented the glamorous style of Fornarina, the high-end Italian brand. Thanks to the photographer(s).

The new campaign illustrates overwhelmingly feminine images in which Lindsay Lohan, described by Fornarina as “the Hollywood celebrity testimonial of the brand,” is the main protagonist:

... The magnetic appeal of Lindsay’s poses, the suspended aerial transparency of glass views, the brightness of the light and the unmistakable skyline of Los Angeles, gave life to a perfect synergy between the Hollywood actress and the world of Fornarina world. A unique vision of femininity, a unique way to live fashion: Fornarina expresses the attitude of the ultimate rock-diva.

Long curled hair + s-shape body + sexy pose = attractive woman! Ain't she adorable??

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