Friday, July 4, 2008

Lindsay Lohan is a Lesbian!??

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Here's Linsay Lohan, who has turned into 22 on Wednesday night, with her lesbian DJ pal Samantha Ronson. I'm wondering, does anyone think Linsay Lohan is a lesbian?? Anyway, here are some proof that LiLo is lesbian..

Lindsay Lohan turned 22 Wednesday night with an intimate prom-themed birthday bash – and a sweet smooch from Samantha Ronson! ...Ronson took the prom-theme seriously, dressed to the nines in black pants, a tuxedo shirt, bow tie and top hat with red trim! ...Ronson was never far behind, often keeping her hand on the small of Lohan's back. As the party wound down, the couple appeared to relax, even sneaking in a small peck on the lips at the DJ booth. By 1:15 a.m., the music was muted and Lohan turned out the lights with Ronson by her side.
After reading that, i think she's lesbian... So sad... I just can't believe it!!

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