Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kira Plastinina the youngest designer in the world!!!

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From Metro News:

While other girls her age have part-time jobs after school working in shops or baby-sitting, 15-year-old Kira Plastininahas slightly grander designs – running a huge fashion empire.

The Tsarina of the Russian 'bratski generation' happens to have a multi- millionaire for a father who has helped launch her as the youngest designer in the world.

She has just launched her latest collection in Italy during Rome Fashion Week.

Her father, Sergei Plastinina, who made his money in food retailing, is worth a reported £350million and he helped Kira open more than 25 stores across Russia with a £50million investment. Ten more are due to open in the US this year.
A model presents a creation by Kira Plastinina.

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