Thursday, December 20, 2007

Meet Indohyus the ancestor of all whales!!!

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Meet Indohyus, the prehistoric amphibious mammal that turned into a whale!!!

Scientists claim the deer- like aquatic mammal, which lived 48million years ago, moved into the sea to escape danger or to find food, and evolved into the giant sea mammal. Its legs changed into flippers and its fur became smooth skin.

The findings follow the discovery of remains of a racoon-sized creature called an Indohyus, in the Kashmir region of India. It forms the missing piece in the jigsaw linking whales to their land-living ancestors, according to scientists at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine in the US.

The jaw and teeth structure of the Indohyus is said to be similar to that of a whale. Study of the fossil has also shown it spent a lot of time in the water when it had feet.

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