Friday, December 21, 2007

David Smith, 630 lbs, loses 400 lbs without surgery!!!

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David Smith (R) with his personal trainer Chris Powell (L).

Four and half years ago, David Smithweighed more than 630 pounds. He had spent nearly a decade on the couch in his parents' house eating pizza, raiding the fridge, and drinking soda. Now 31 years old, he has lost more than 400 pounds with the help of a personal trainer - Chris Powell, fitness correspondent for Good Morning Arizona, a local news broadcast on KTVK in Phoenix.

His remarkable transformation didn't happen overnight. It took more than two years of total dedication; tears of disappointment and grins of glory. Yet his new body is not his greatest gift. It's friendship … something Smith never dreamed he'd know. Link & Video.

Powell works with Smith three times a week for an hour-long workout on machines at the gym.

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