Friday, November 16, 2007

Sexy flier of Southwest Airlines - Kyla Ebbert poses for Playboy!!!

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Kyla Ebbert, a 23-year-old student who was led off the Southwest Airlinesplane for wearing an outfit that was considered too skimpy, has transferred the attention she’s garnered into a sexy spread in Playboy.

“I’ve wanted to do it since I turned 18,” Ebbert said of the opportunity to pose for Hugh Hefner’s publication. “The Playboy shoot was amazing.”

Kyla also answered a question we’re not sure if the magazine asked of other recent models, such as Kim Kardashian:

“Yes, I am a member of the mile high club. And no, it was not on Southwest. It was on a private plane.”
The photos entitled "Legs in the Air" plus video can be found on Playboy website.

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