Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meet Lil'Bit the cat born with three eyes and two faces

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This is Lil'Bitin the ultimate mugshot. He is a seven-month-old kitten with three eyes and two faces!!! He lives with his 47-year-old female owner in Arizona.

Lil'Bit had four eyes when he was born, but the two in the middle are converging into one giant cat's eye. However, he still has two distinct noses and mouths, resulting in double the whining when he's hungry.

Scientists believe he has two brains because when one face sleeps the other can remain alert and awake. When he gets a cold, only one of his noses runs.

He was one of five kittens born to Lil'Pine, his brothers and sisters arriving into the world with just the one face each.

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Jonathan said...

I found a video of Lil'bit at www.sellmyvideo.co.uk

Tayh said...

That's great!!! Thanks for your Link ;P

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