Friday, November 30, 2007

Posh Spice's shrinked her boobs!!!

Oops!!! Dear Posh Spice, can you tell us where your boobs have gone?

(Left to right) Posh turns heads with her heaving chest, but things appeared to head south, and now they've totally done a runner!

£500,000 diamond-studded collar!!!

Richie the bulldog models a £500,000 diamond-studded collar, complete with 18-carat gold bone, for Harrods. The extravagant Christmas giftwas launched at the swanky West London department on Thursday.

Stewart Parker the alligator man !!!

This is Stewart Parker, an Australian reptile handler at Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria. Parker has apparently built a loving bond with his pet - Nelson, a three-metre long, 19-year old alligator. The pair grew up together on the Wildlife park - which is owned by Parker's father - and have been best friends since childhood.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Model British Royal Navy ship HMS Victory made from bones and human hair goes to auction!!!

A model of the British Royal Navy ship HMS Victory made out of beef bones and human hair will go under the hammer today. The 28in long model, which was made by French prisoners-of-war incarcerated in British jails during the Napoleonic Wars, will go on auction at Bonhams and is expected to fetch up to £30,000.

It was built from left-over beef bones from the prisoners' meals to pay for their upkeep. Bones form the hull while human hair was used for the rigging and paper tissue for the flags. Other details include anchors, belfry and ship's boats. It is even fitted with pull cords with bone finials for operating the guns.

Manchester United 2-1 Sporting Lisbon [Champions League 07-08]

Amazing stoppage time free-kick gaol by ManU No. 7, Cristiano Ronaldo... "Fabulous"!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The world's most advanced prosthetic arm!!!

Great news for amputees!!!

Amputees could soon be fitted with prosthetic limbs that enable them to regain their sense of touch, thanks to a break-through new bionic hand device.

"This work offers the possibility that an amputee may one day be able to feel with an artificial limb as though it was his own. Sensors could be placed in a prosthetic hand to measure contact forces and temperature, while a device could press or thermally stimulate the reinnervated skin to provide sensory feedback that appropriately correlates to hand perception."

The technique could soon be used to make artificial arms that can reproduce feeling, possibly within as little as two years.

Tabula Peutingeriana, an ancient roadmap of the Roman Empire, displayed!!!

Director general of the Austrian National Library Johanna Rachinger(L) and President of the Austrian UNESCO commission Hans Martedisplay a facsimile of a fragment of the "Tabula Peutingeriana", an ancient roadmap of the Roman Empire dating back to the late 12th or early 13th century in the national library in Vienna November 26, 2007. The sole surviving copy of a chart used by the Roman Empire's courier service, was put on show for just one day on Monday after being accorded "Memory of the World" status by UNESCO.

Amazing floating lantens for Loi Krathong Festival!!!

Thousands of floating lanterns light up Chiang Mai’s night sky...

Washington Redskins football player Sean Taylor dies!!!

R.I.P. This is Washington Redskinssafety Sean Taylor. Born April 1, 1983, Taylor died early Tuesday at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, a day after he was shot at a home in the Miami suburb of Palmetto Bay that he bought two years ago. Taylor was shot early Monday in the upper leg, damaging an artery and causing significant blood loss.

"According to a preliminary investigation, it appears that the victim was shot inside the home by an intruder," Miami-Dade County police said in a statement.

But police were still investigating the attack, which came just eight days after an intruder was reported at Taylor's home. Officers were dispatched about 1:45 a.m. Monday after Taylor's girlfriend called 911.

William Burge's 'art-car' called Phantoms!!!

Woooow..... That's cool!!!

American artist William Burge, from Houston in Texas, sits behind the wheel of his 'art-car' Phantoms before the start of the Essen Motor Show in Germany on Monday. Under all those demonic faces lies the same type of car that used to star in Disney's Lovebug movies – a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The world's largest flag!!!

An Aerial view of a large Israeliflag after it was laid on the ground at the Masada airfield near the Dead Sea, Sunday, Nov. 25, 2007. The massive blue and white flag, measuring 18,847 square meters - the size of two football fields - and weighing 5.2 metric tons, broke the record for the world's largest. It was produced by a Filipino entrepreneur Grace Galindez-Gupana.

Metro's real-life perfect beauty Brigit Brooks!!!

This is Brigit Brooks(Left), the spitting image of Metro readers' perfect female face (Right), a mixture of the best bits of A-list beauties. City worker Brigit said: "People said I had similar hair and eyes. I'm often told I look like Penelope Cruzand Catherine Zeta Jones- anyone with green eyes, dark hair and dark skin!" The 21-year-old, who lives in Bow, models part-time but says she has no plans to take the catwalk by storm. Pictures...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Giant leather shoe (II)

A giant leather shoe is now on display at a department store in Weifang, Shandong Province. It took 11 workers 45 days to complete the 60-kg heavy shoe.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Fifty bubble-bound children set new world record!!!

This shimmering tube of soapy water was created by "bubbleologist" Sam Heathwho used a specially-designed wand - a metal hoop with a 36ft circumference - at the Science Museum in London on Saturday.

At 11ft across and more than 5ft high before it burst, it enclosed 50 children to pop the previous record of 42 bubble-bound children set in the U.S. earlier this year.

Representatives from the Guinness Book of Records were on hand to adjudicate and the soapy spectacle was witnessed by hundreds of schoolchildren.

The luxurious diamond studded platinum golf set!!!

This luxurious diamond-studded platinum golf set was made by Japanese jeweler Nagahori. The 500g Platinum 900 golf putter head is studded with white and pink diamonds totaling 22.35 carats, while the 165g Platinum 900 ball is studded with diamonds totaling 25.13 carats. The golf set will be displayed this weekend in Tokyo. via

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hope for Tree man - Dede....

"Tree man" Dedeas he's known, has been ostracised by society because of his rare illness. He's seeking help from American doctor, Anthony Gasparifrom University of Maryland. The 35-year-old Indonesian first noticed warts on his body after cutting his knee as a teenager.

Dr. Gaspari became involved in the case through a Discovery Channel documentary. According to Dr. Gaspari, the rare skin affliction are the result of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a fairly common infection that usually causes small warts.

Man Changes into Tree because of Giant Warts

Amazing zebra crossing [Picture]

This extraordinary picture, taken by award-winning wildlife photographer Steve Bloom, shows just a fraction of the 1.5 million majestic wildebeest which cross the Mara Riverin Kenya every year. They are joined on this incredible journey by 500,000 gazelle and 200,000 zebra.

Forced to search for new supplies of grass and water to nourish their growing herd, the migration route was established. It is a demanding cycle of life and death.

Paris Hilton in Shanghai to attend 2007 MTV Awards [Photos]

Paris Hiltonposes for a photograph with an elderly fan while visiting Yu Yuan Gardenin Shanghai November 21, 2007. Hilton is in Shanghai to attend Friday's 2007 MTV Awardsand Style Gala at the Shanghai Grand Stage.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Video : England out of Euro 2008 [England 2 - 3 Croatia]

England's Euro 2008 hopes finally disappeared at Wembley on Wednesday after losing 3-2 to already-qualified Croatia...

Tim Nolan, the master of balls... Must watch!!!

Amazing bounce-juggling and basketball trick shots from Tim Nolan. Mr. Nolan is a professional juggler and basketball entertainer, who has performed at The White House, Busch Gardens, The Guinness Museum in London, The Super Bowl and The World's Fair. He also holds the Guinness record for bounce-juggling 11 balls. Via

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