Sunday, October 7, 2007

The world’s largest ruby crystal gemstone

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The above picture shows the world’s largest known ruby crystal gemstone. It measures 122.4mm x 112.3mm x 133.9mm, and weighs 18,696 carats (8.2 lbs). The 125West Ruby Crystalis semi-translucent to opaque and contains rutile, which may create a six-ray star if cut en cabochon. The crystal displays a strong red fluorescence when exposed to long-wave ultraviolet light.

The single natural ruby crystal is identified in GIA Report 15171991 dated May 24, 2006. If carved, the 125West Ruby Crystal gemstone would be the largest ruby carvature in the world. If cut en cabochon, it would be the largest cut and polished ruby gemstonein the world.

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