Monday, October 8, 2007

WFHS Humanities Class teacher and Gilbert cheer coach - Christina Mallon suspended for performing dance in class

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What's wrong with this video??? I think she did a good job!!! I don't think there was anything improper about what she did. Can you see what's wrong???

A YouTube video featuring a Williams Field High Schoolteacher dancing in front of her class is causing controversy in the district.

Somebody using a recording device captured Christina Mallon, a cheer coach and Humanities/English teacher, performing a cheer dance in front of her Gilbert class.

The You Tube video, called WFHS Humanities Class (below) does not explain why Mallon was performing the dance or what the circumstances were, but students are worried their teacher's job could be in jeopardy.

School officials told ABC15 a teacher is on paid administrative leave, but they would not say which teacher or why. Meanwhile, students say Mallon has been absent from class and cheer practice. [Quoted from ABC 15]

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