Monday, October 8, 2007

Knox teacher - Melinda England MySpace pictures created buzz on internet!!!

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Melinda England, 28, a Knoxville schoolteacher at the Inskip Elementary School has created quite a buzz on internet this week, due to her questionable partially nude pictures on internet web sites like and

School officials sent this letter home with students about the Melinda England’s MySpacepage photos.
The parents are outraged because some of the Miss "xlpaws"(her screen name) blog entries talk about her prescription drug use and her "wild" students. Parent Angela Smallin said : "I think that's horrible, someone like that at school that's still here." And parent Pat Hardaway said : "It's bad, it shouldn't happen, shouldn't do that kind of thing."

Knox County School administrators say they are aware of the pictures and say they are only in the investigation stage. "There's nothing to indicate she's done anything inappropriate with the students," said Knox County School Spokesman Russ Oakes.

Now, it's up to the superintendent to decide if Ms. England has crossed the line with the pictures. If the superintendent believes a teacher has acted in an unprofessional manner, he may take any action from a verbal reprimand to termination. [Quoted from WVLT]

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