Tuesday, October 2, 2007

EPL star Steven Gerrard drives into boy - Jamie Halliwell

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Jamie Halliwell, 10, who broke his leg when he was hit by a car driven by EPL star Steven Gerrardis recovering from his ordeal.

Liverpool FCcaptain Gerrard was driving his Bentley along Grantham Road in Birkdale, Merseyside at around 3.15pm on Monday, when the accident happened.

A spokesman for Gerrard said: "Steven was driving very slowly through an area of Birkdale when a young boy ran out and hit the side of his car. Steven comforted the boy until the paramedics arrived."

According to the reports, the youngster had just left Our Lady of Lourdes School in Southport when he collided with Gerrard's car. There were apparently several eye-witnesses who saw the accident.

Quoted comment from Graham Bates, Leicester : Gerrard's loutish behaviour is typical of today's footballers, pampered, overpaid and uncaring of the public who support them. I hope he receives a prison sentence but unfortunately the 'eye witnesses' who no doubt will all be Liverpool fans will state that it was all the little boy's fault. and Gerrard will get away scott free.

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