Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baby Organic Parisienne carrots sold at Marks & Spencer in Britain

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Baby Organic Parisienne carrotsthe size of a 50p piece are being sold at Marks & Spencerin Britain. It will sell for £1.45 for a 300g punnet, which means that it was four or seven times more expensive than the price charged for supermarket carrots.

However, the producers insist this latest incarnation of the carrot is worth its high price. They are particularly sweet-tasting and the skin is so thin and soft that they do not need to be either peeled or chopped. While they have a stronger flavour than other types, which means they taste nice eaten raw, with dips, sliced into rounds or fried into carrot crisps. M&S said the high price applies because the Parisienne carrots are in short supply and only available for a few months of the year.

Parisienne Carrots were originally grown in window boxes in Paris in the early 1900s so that they could be picked as they were needed. They are picked early which partly accounts for their tiny size. [Quoted from Daily Mail]

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