Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Transplant girl Jennifer Sutton comes face-to-face with own heart

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Heart transplant girl Jennifer Suttoncomes face to face with her old, diseased heart, which was removed from her body in a transplant operation just three months ago, at the Wellcome Collection's Heart exhibition in central London. The 23-year-old science graduate hopes the exhibition will increase public awareness of the value of organ donations.

Miss Sutton said :
"It was slightly surreal but amazing at the same time to see the object that has caused me such pain and anguish."

"I feel amazing. I can't remember feeling healthy before, but within three or four days of the operation I was feeling great. I am eternally indebted to the donor and their family and I would like to meet them one day to say thank you." [Quoted from DailyMail]

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