Saturday, September 8, 2007

Southwest Airlines stops sexy flier - Kyla Ebbert

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Kyla Ebbert, a 23-year-old student who boarded a Southwest Airlinesplane in a short skirt for a flight to Tucson, Arizona for a doctor's appointment, was led off the plane for wearing an outfit that was considered too skimpy.

She says the crew asked her to get off the plane while the plane was preparing to leave San Diego's Lindbergh Field on July 3, saying the flight was a family flight and she was inappropriately dressed and too provocative to fly on the plane...

The girl, who wore the exact same outfit on the Today Show Friday morning, said she was eventually allowed back on the plane
after offering to adjust her sweater but was humiliated by the Southwest employee.

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M said...

Unless that is a policy that is on paper and specific, she may have a free seat on any flight from now on. Nothing wrong with that outfit, especially as hot as its been.

C_b said...

i agree with you. i really wonder about it... Stupid crew!!!

Anonymous said...

its fine and a major over reaction BUT
when she crosses her legs it is a bit too revealing! though that is up to her i do think with tact the airline could of sugested a blanket due to the cold? or even indicated that you could see her thighs. any of these would of been enough to give enough of a hint to her or at least gave an opening to needing a blanket/cover up

if it was my daughter yes i would be proud of her good looks and would of been livid with the airlines disrespect would to be honest she could look sexier with more clothing. the outfit does make her look cheap.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, yes Southwest was probably wrong, but it's obvious this mother/daughter pair is just lawyering up to try to get a nice little settlement from Southwest.

Gold diggers.

Adam said...

she says that she was sitting appropriately and that seeing "too much" was not a possibility, but at 1:32 you can see her underwear very easily
any child walking down the isle could easily get a peak and maybe that was the airline's concern
maybe they could have used more tact, but they also should create a dress code that they can enforce for the future

Anonymous said...

Pretty harsh assumption there about the "gold diggers." Enlighten us Mr. Anonymous, what exactly makes it so obvious? Answer this one too, you know as well as the rest of us that if it were you in her situation, and you knew that they had no legal right to say that to you, you would be tempted to seek a settlement too and you know it. A little nobody (generally speaking) with a strong civil case versus a huge corporation with very little defense? You'd be stupid NOT to jump on that opportunity, which brings me to my next point. She obviously isn't hurting for cash if she can afford to make doctors appointments out of state and fly back and forth to them. She really only wants an apology, which also suggests that she has money and isn't too worried about it, but she's still smart enough to see the opportunity that's there. Doesn't mean she planned it like you make it sound. Frankly, any normal person would feel hurt and humiliated in a situation like this, and thus, should be compensated for it, especially when it wasn't their fault. Moral of the story is you shouldn't judge people that you don't know for something that you'd be likely to do yourself if you were in her shoes. But what do I know? I'm just a guy with 7 certificates and 2 degrees, who gets paid for giving opinions. And still climbing.

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