Saturday, September 1, 2007

New England's largest occupied single-family home

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What is the point to having a biggest house in the world??? How much space to live comfortably do we really need to have?

A huge mansion under construction off Albany Avenue in West Hartford, Conn., is visible from the road on the ridgeline of Avon Mountain. At 50,853-square-foot, the Chase home will be slightly larger than billionaire Bill Gates' home in Washington, about 4,000 square feet smaller than the White House and 20 times larger than the average-size home in America.

The West Hartford house is being built by Arnold Chase, a businessman whose family made its fortune in media and real estate investments. It's the two-level, 33,500-square-foot basement complex, complete with a 103-seat movie theater, ticket booth, concession stand, game room and music annex, that will make it New England's largest occupied single-family home.

Besides the two-tiered movie theater, soda fountain and men's and women's bathrooms, the Chase home will include a 400-square foot "observatory," five bedrooms, eight full bathrooms and five half bathrooms, according to documents filed with the West Hartford planning office. The game room, in the "upper" basement, will take up nearly 4,900 square feet. [From Yahoo News]

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lisa said...

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