Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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Basket case: The hot air balloon that got away
This amazing picture shows a man vainly hanging onto the rope of a hot air balloon as he desperately tries to stop it escaping.

Rick Ashby
, 54, of Longview, Texas was taking part in a game which involved trying to hit targets on the ground with bean bags when the balloon crashed.

Luckily for Rick, in this case he knew when to give up and let go. He managed to survive the fall of up to 30 feet although he didn't get away unscathed as the fall broke both of his legs.

Turns out Neanderthals had good oral hygiene
An undated handout picture shows two molar teethbelonging to a Neanderthal from around 63,400 years ago. The teeth, found in Pinilla del Vallein the Madrid region, have grooves formed by the passage of a pointed object, which confirms the use of a small stick for cleaning the mouth, Paleontology Professor Juan Luis Asuarga told reporters, according to Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Grass found growing on baby's lung
Chinese surgeons who operated on a 10-month baby girl, from Zhoukou city, with breathing problems were amazed to find a 3cm piece of grass growing on her right lung.

Doctors removed the grass, and the baby is now recovering. The parents say the grass is the same type as in their yard at home where the little girl often plays.

Doctors says it's possible grass seed was blown into the baby's nose and through her respiratory system to the lung and found suitable growing conditions there.

Texas students forced out of dorm by bats
Bats took over a university dormitory, forcing more than 200 students into hotels and worrying health officials, who now fear the students could have been exposed to rabies.

Videos posted on the Internet show students swinging a broom and a tennis racket as several bats fly about in a dormitory hallway at Texas Southern University. One student, 19-year-old Jason Smith, said he killed dozens of bats but didn't know of anyone who was bitten.

Colombian lawyer dives into prison ship protest
The lawyer for a right-wing Colombian warlord donned scuba diving gear on Tuesday to confront the nation's prison authority for imprisoning his client on a ship.

Attorney Gilberto Lozanosaid keeping Carlos Jimenezon a ship off the Pacific coast makes it too difficult for him to meet with his defense team. To make his point, Lozano wore swim fins and an oxygen tank over his brown business suit as he entered Colombia's prison authority building to file a complaint.

Jimenez, alias "Macaco,"is expected to be extradited to the United States on cocaine charges. He was put on the naval ship to keep rival paramilitary leaders from killing him.

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