Saturday, September 8, 2007

Liu Yun the third Chinese cover girl in Time magazine

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Liu Yun, a Chinese actress, has become the third Chinese entertainment star ever to appear on the Time magazine front cover (after Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and super voice girl Li Yuchun). She has starred in films like Royal Tramp, Da Han Tian Zi, and Hong Fu Nu. According to Time Magazine, Liu Yun was chosen because she's an example of the new Chinese generation, young, happy, and enjoying an affluent life.

“I look clean and pretty and my face shows that I am a person with a strong will. It is said that the magazine's photographer had decided that I was the person they wanted after they saw me for the first time. They then persuaded me to fly from Dalian to Beijing and take some pictures in a dancing studio,” she said.[Quoted from Chinanews]

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