Friday, September 21, 2007

How the velociraptor may have looked...

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The handout image above shows a skull of the small meat-eating dinosaur Velociraptor, which lived 70-80 million years ago. The real-life creature was a feathered fiend, and much smaller than its film version, according to scientists who found evidence of quills on this well-known meat-eater's forearm (center). The vicious dinosaur Velociraptor was a two-legged predator dinosaur that stood about three feet tall and weighed around 30 pounds. The latest research on velociraptor shows that although the dinosaur did not fly, it had feathers.

This image shows the ulna, or forearm bone, of a Velociraptor found in Mongolia and dating from the Cretaceous Period, approximately 80 million years ago. An enlargement of the lower central portion of the ulna show the presence of quill knobs, bumps on the bone where the feathers anchor.

How the velociraptor may have looked, according to scientists.

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