Friday, September 14, 2007

Dr Ellice Hammond dies to save her unborn daughter - Mia

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Here is a touching story from about a great mother who refused chemotherapy, and ultimately sacrificing her life to save her unborn daughter.

Dr Ellice Hammond, 37, a Melbourne GP, lost her battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma on Sunday, three weeks after daughter Mia Ellicewas born nine weeks prematurely at the Monash Medical Centre, where she remains in neonatal intensive care.

Dr Hammond was diagnosed in the 22nd week of pregnancy and refused high-level chemotherapy that could have saved her but might have killed Mia, whose induced birth took place on August 20.

The great mother had three reduced-strength chemotherapy treatments during the pregnancy, but the cancer returned worse than before each time and full-strength treatments following Mia's birth did not save her.

Husband, Peter Wojcik said he was proud of his wife's devotion to their child.

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Anonymous said...

If that's not a heroing story then I don't know what is. I myself was a 9 week premature baby which made this catch my attention even more. That is "the ultimate sacrifice." To give your life for someone you love so much but have never even seen.

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