Saturday, September 1, 2007

Brian Belo the winner of Big Brother 8

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Congratulations!!!! Brian Belo, 20, a data clerk from Essex, has won the eighth series of Big Brother in an emotional finale which saw twins Amanda and Sam coming second. His win came as something of a surprise after bookies had tipped the twins as the 1/5 favourites.

The massive Big Brother fan had tears streaming down his face when his name was announced and said "Oh my days! Oh my days! I don't deserve to win." He left the house to explosions of fireworks and ticker tape and crouched on the stairway momentarily to take it all in.

The top 5 is:

1. Brian Belo

2. Twins Amanda and Sam

3. Liam

4. Ziggy Lichman

5. Carole

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