Sunday, September 2, 2007

BBC radio DJ Andy Kershaw jailed over order break

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BBC radio DJ Andy Kershaw (R) was is in jail after breaking a restraining order banning him from contacting his ex-partner Juliette Banner (L). The Radio 3 presenter faces a sixth humiliating night behind bars tonight following an acrimonious break-up from the mother of his two children. Kershaw, 48, was arrested on last Wednesday near his former lover Juliette Banner home in Peel on the island.

He has been off the air since May this year. While BBC officials claimed he was 'unwell', insiders said he had been given time off to deal with his personal problems and his grievance at being moved from the weekend to Monday night earlier this year.

One source said: "Unfortunately this incident was on the cards. He has put his ex-partner through a seriously tough time and exhausted the goodwill of many people in the vicinity with drink-related bad behaviour.

"For all that he is a troubled man who deserves to be happier. Hopefully he has hit the rock bottom he needed to reach and can now start climbing back up." [Quoted from DailyMail]

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