Monday, August 27, 2007

Zhang Huimin, completes 3,500km run

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She was really really strong...

Zhang Huimin, 8, a Chinese girl has arrived in Beijing on Sunday after running more than 3,550km (2,200 miles) from the southern province of Hainan in less than two months.

The extraordinarily strong girl, who is 1.22m (4ft) tall and weighs 21kg (46lb), rose each day at 0230 and ran about 1.5 marathons (84km, 40 miles), while accompanied by her father, Zhang Jianmin, who ride on a bicycle, Xinhua news agency said.

The feat was aimed at drawing attention to her Olympic potential ahead of the Beijing games next year, Zhang said. He denied forcing her to run, but some experts have said it amounted to abuse.

Zhang Huimin is too young to compete in the 2008 Olympics but her father believes she can compete in the 2016 games, when she will be 17.

Domestic media and some experts have accused her father of abuse, saying running such long distances could damage the girl's body and affect her growth.

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