Friday, August 10, 2007

Tony Chickenhawk the skateboarding rooster

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A famous skateboarding rooster in Cascade foothill town named Tony Chickenhawk has won an awards at King County Fair for his bizarre skill, but neighbors in Enumclaw say his early morning crowing is disturbing their sleep.

Hanna Dahlquist's pet rooster is one bird that's got game. "He skateboards," says Hanna. "He thinks he can go faster when he's aerodynamic." In fact, the rooster rides so well, Hanna named him Tony Chickenhawk.

But now everyone is crowing about the celebrity rooster. Some in his neighborhood say he's getting a bit too high profile, especially when they're trying to sleep.

Vaerewyck complained to King County, which threatened the Dahlquists with 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine if the bird doesn't clam up. The family has put a foam buffer up around the coop, and while Tony Chickenhawk continues his training for next year's county fair, Hannah hopes her neighbors will just roll with it. Link, video 1, video 2

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