Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Special amber ornaments with teeth inclusion for orthodontic patients

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The teeth can be realigned orthodontically, but prior to this it is essential that all extra teeth are extracted. In general, most patients are appreciated about their extracted teeth but do not have better way to preserve.

Thus, a smart hospital in Hangzhou known as, Xiaoshan Dental Hospital has found a creative way to produce a piece of unique man-made amber set into a pendant or bracelet known as “Amber with Teeth Inclusion,” to solve this problem.

The unique amber ornamental objects were manufactured from the disinfected teeth extracted from those patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment at the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Dental Hospital. It is transparent and has various shapes and colorations which are great for viewing the teeth that trapped inside with marvelous perfection.

According to the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Dental Hospital, those patients who undergo orthodontic treatment will receive the free “special souvenir” within a week. Link

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Blue Skies said...

Interesting. When I had a nasty, dead molar extracted a few years back, I was fascinated when the dentist showed it to me. The big brown cavity (crater) was just crazy. I wanted to ask if I could keep it, but my mouth was stuffed with gauze and numbed to heck, so I could only make a grunting sound.

Cayobo said...

He's only taking appointments at 2:30, of course.

Teeth Whitening said...

you know who that whould be a good idea for? kids who keep their teeth that fall out in jar. Germy jars. This would be great for kids who like keeping their teeth.
This is a really interesting post! thanks for this!


Bradley Bedell said...

Ow, wow! Amber ornament with teeth inclusion would be a unique souvenir for you and any people. Imagine, your extracted tooth can be part of your fashion statement. Pretty cool yow!

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