Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shyra Torres the "Hero of Paterson Avenue" saves 34 from fast-moving fire

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Hey girl, you've done a great job!!!

Shyra Torres , a 9-year old girl from Paterson is being hailed as a hero after saving 34 members of her immediate and extended family from a fast moving fire. The "Hero of Paterson Avenue," woke before dawn Saturday and saw a fire beginning to spread while her family members slept. She said an unusual crackling noise punctured her dreams.

She had fallen asleep watching cartoons with her sister and immediately rushed to wake her mother sleeping in a rear bedroom. At first her mother didn't believe her, but she was insistent and able to get everyone to safety.

The grateful relatives made t-shirts with "Hero of Paterson Avenue" written on them over a picture of Shyra. They wore the shirts for a family gathering Sunday evening at an aunt's house directly across the street from the fire scene.

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