Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The petrol-powered skates

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Fifty pairs of roller-skates, which are equipped with a 25cc engine and capable of travelling at 20mph have been seized by trading standards officers before they were delivered to an address in Bournemouth.

If the Gasoline Skating Shoes were legal, they would have been classed as a vehicle and users would have required a driving licence and insurance.

'These things are absolutely frightening and would have have been every parents' nightmare had they been on the streets, especially as it is the start of the summer holidays,' said Bournemouth Council trading standard officer David Mrton.

One YouTube user, who claims to be selling the skates for £149.99 a pair, has posted several videos of the skates in action - although, it has to be said that they don't quite fulfill their speed-demon potential. In fact, the skates only seem to work properly when on a downhill slope. Link

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