Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Explosive video : Michael Lohan "in his own words"

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Here’s exclusive video of Perez Hilton’s interview with Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan. For those interested, here is the explosive article. He makes a series of damning allegations against his ex-wife, Dina.

When interviewed to make this exclusive footage by the he said:
- Despite a court order, Dina is trying to prevent him from seeing his children.
- Dina is not supportive of a reconciliation with Lindsay.
- Dina is a cocaine user and abuser....and that he has proof!
- Dina's new boyfriend is a rapist and a bad influence around his kids.
- Dina has had more than five drunk driving incidents resulting in accidents, which have not been caught by police.
- And much MUCH more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [From]

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