Saturday, August 11, 2007

Malaysian completes "upside down" drawing in 20 seconds

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Have you ever seen the "upside down" drawing technique!!! If not, here's your chance. Zhou Yali, 56, an artist from Malaysia mastered the unique technique after 10 years of study and research. He can now complete a simple upside down drawing within 20 seconds.

Normally, the drawing will face the drawer when he or she is drawing. However, using his "upside down" drawing method, Zhou can draw artworks that face away from him even while he is working on them.

Zhou started to be interested in drawing at the age of 30. Since then, he began to draw at least two hours a day. At times, he even spent the whole day drawing at home. However, he grew bored with the common drawing techniques 10 years ago. In order to challenge himself and come up with a more creative approach to drawing, he began working on an "upside down" drawing technique.

Zhou is going to open a class to pass on the technique. However, he emphasized that he is going to carefully select the students because learning the technique of "upside down" drawing requires great patience. Link

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