Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Magic Boat sculpture.. Who copied who???

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The Magic Boat (left : English design) will be made with a galvanised steel frame, clad with marine plywood and plated with verdigrised copper. It will cost more than £300,000 and tower above the peninsula to celebrate the ancient maritime and shipbuilding heritage of the area. It is expected to be placed on a roundabout near Eastham, Wirral early in 2008 just in time to welcome visitors who will flock to the area when Liverpool is Capital of Culture.

Because the 60 metre high Magic Boat sculpture bears an uncanny resemblance to one found in a sleepy seaside town (right : Irish design) in Ireland. Like the one proposed for the Wirral, To The Skellig in County Kerry depicts a sickle-shaped boat standing on eight long oars. It was created in 1995 for Caherciveen in County Kerry to celebrate the Augustine monks who inhabited the nearby island of Skellig Michael for more than 600 years.

The only difference appears to be its size and the fact there are four figures in the Irish artwork. The bronze statue, which is 10ft long and about 12ft high, is a well-known tourist attraction and represents four monks - one said to depict St Brendan - sailing to the monastery off the Irish coast.

One resident said: 'This sculpture has cost the taxpayers here a lot of money but does not appear to be particulary original.But the designers claim never to have seen the Irish longboat sculpture and have described the similarity as an 'extraordinary coincidence'.

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