Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Kebab rap" of Lil'Maaz stuns France

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Carving a new career ... kebab shop worker Lil'Maaz, 27, whose real name is Yilmaz Karaman has become a sensation in France after his rap performances serving customers led him to become an internet star and sign a recording contract with record label EMI and thousands in France know his "Kebab rap".

Lil'Maaz's kebap rap follows the internet success of Marly Gomont, a cheerful rap on life in the only black family in a small French village that made a star of former amateur Kamini.

Mange du Kebab (Eat kebab), which features Lil'Maaz rapping behind his counter, proved an instant hit with some 200,000 people watching it on the internet during the first weekend, the singer says. Link

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