Friday, August 31, 2007

Hot girl featured on Facebook : Help us reunite this lass with her camera [Photo]

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The latest message from Facebook group:

'We are trying to track down the lovely lass in these photos so she can be reunited with her lost Digital Camera & we want that as she certainly knows how to use it!!

"Please get invites sent out to all gents in your friends list as if we all work together we can hunt this lass down."
[From DailyMail].
This girl is gorgeous. But, unfortunately, she mislaid her digital camera, and someone found the camera has uploaded her "secret pictures" on to the social networking website Facebook. The finder set up a group - called Help us reunite this lass with her camera - is gaining members at the rate of one every five seconds. The pictures of the mystery blonde has become popular in the country right now. Click here form more photos...

Oops!!!! We're all being cheated!!! Actually, she is an X-rated model named Wendy...

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Adele said...

What a slag tbh!

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