Friday, August 24, 2007

Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III, husband of Evangelist Juanita Bynum charged with spousal abuse

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The above photo was photographed by Tina Culpepper, Juanita Bynum's sister, who sent the shocking photo to I was shocked as everyone else to hear that a multi-talented televangelist may have been the victim of spousal abuse.

Police says Juanita Bynum, a popular Atlanta-area televangelist was badly assaulted Wednesday by his husband, Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III, in a parking lot at the Renaissance Concourse Hotel near the Atlanta Airport. According to police reports, Juanita Bynum was choked at first, and while she was choked he knocked her down and began to kick and stomp on her.

Thomas W. Weeks III, the founder of Global Destiny Churches, and Juanita Bynum married five years ago (the Springtime 2003) in a televised wedding. Now there are different versions on what happened.

Husband's Attorney says "We're very clear that he has not been aggressive, that he has, you know, a very peaceful nature and he's been consistent with that."

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Shannon Munford said...

Anger is not new to the church, it is a hidden cancer that continues to destroy individuals, families and congregations.

Daybreak Counseling Service provides anger management seminars for businesses, and faith-based organizations as well as one one one coaching for those struggling with stress and rage.

Shannon Munford

Mssylady said...

I am very ashamed of this person who calls himself a "man of God". I realize that people do loose their tempers, but to choke and stomp and now to lie (there is a witness) and say he didn't do it and is a "peaceful" person, well God's got his number and what goes around comes around.

To all those members of that church that support this male, I say forginess is good, but there is never a reason to brutally beat a woman or "hit" a woman. But "vengence is mine said the Lord." and in due season, that pastor will have to fall on his face before God, Ms. Bynum and man and ask for forgiveness.

Elder N said...

Re: Bishop Weeks; The key word in the title " man of God" is "Man". All men and women regardless to their title or celebrity status have flaws and make mistakes. Most of their flaws(sins) are concealed and hidden from the publics eye. I'm sure there are other high profile christians guilty of various sins. Jesus Christ was the only God Man to walk the earth flawless and mistake(sin)free. P.S. This is not an excuse for what he did.

C_b said...

Shanon, mssylady and elder n, thanks a lot for your comments......

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