Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Awesome billiards table make from a Volkswagen Bus

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The billiards table in this picture is make from a Volkswagen Bus... It was totally awesome!!!

This Ohio-plated Volkswagen Busbilliards table was trailed to Woodward where it simultaneously bemused and amused all who strolled by. We spoke with the owner, and he told us that although he doesn’t know who built it or when, he was able to snooker this T1 away from its previous owner for around $8000, and it now resides in his shop.

The maroon felt Type 2 is fully functional and it appeared to have been built to a high standard. It didn’t look to have a full-fledged ball return mechanism, but it’s certainly playable, and it even has an integrated storage area for balls and other supplies beneath its engine flap.

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