Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Amazing "durian soccer"

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These amazing photos show mediums playing "durian soccer" with their barefoot during the temple deity's birthday celebration in Klang, Malaysia on August 5, 2007. Their foot were covered with blood. It looks painful. Anyone dare to try???

Claiming that they were possessed by divine spirits, 16 mediums from a local temple in Klang formed a "Malaysian Medium Football Team" on the anniversary of their deity's birthday, using durians as soccer balls as they showed off their football skills.

It was definitely not a display for the faint of heart as the mediums played soccer with these heavy fruit covered in prickly thorns. The mediums kicked and passed the fruit to their team mates as if they were real soccer balls.

Durian soccer wasn't the only spectacle on the programme. A variety of equally wince-inducing feats carried out by the mediums included using their bodies as chopping boards for slicing up pineapples, breaking open the protective shell of durians with their bare hands, and wrapping themselves up in rolls of lit (and exploding) firecrackers. Link

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