Tuesday, August 21, 2007

3.5 cm long glass in man's eye for 6 years

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Believe it or not! Xiao Zhu, 22, a Chinese man lived with a 3.5 cm long shard of glass which hidden under his right eye for six years. His eye was injured by a beer bottle during a fight six years ago in Jinjiang city.

"I had an operation right after the injury to fix the tear duct and the operation was successful," he said.

"The wound sealed perfectly but the only problem was I always had tears running down which I thought was just a consequence of the operation."

But one month ago Xiao Zhu's right eye became more painful. Check-ups in different hospitals found nothing abnormal. Finally surgeons at Dongnan Eye Hospital in Fuzhou city operated and found the shard of glass 6cms deep.

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