Saturday, July 14, 2007

World's largest plasma TV coming soon!!!

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They call it plasma envy. Panasonic is said to offer the world's largest plasma screen, 261 centimetres diagonally (2.4 metres by 1.4 metres), weighing 220 kilograms and costing $105,000 (excluding installation).

The 261-centimetre screen was ideal for clubs and pubs broadcasting sporting events, said Panasonic's director for consumer electronics, Paul Reid.

"But we have installed some in high-end luxury homes in Sydney," he said. "The trend is increasingly to larger screens. People want bigger and bigger all the time. There is a degree of one-upmanship."

The trend carries an environmental cost. Mr Pears said the range of energy consumption across brands, models and sizes made it hard for consumers to judge the efficiency of a particular TV. He called for energy labelling.

The larger plasma TV screens also came with speakers, further fuelling the energy bill, said Clare Donovan, of the Australian Conservation Foundation. Link

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