Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Woman with 2.2 Meters long hair

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Jin Shunzi, a 36 year old woman in Huichun City of northeast Jilin Province maintains her super long hair at some 2.2 meters.

The 1.63-metre-tall woman, of Korean ethnic group, has never had a single hair cut since she was 18.

She said the long hair at times made her life inconvenient, for she usually spends at least 40 minutes washing it, and over 10 minutes brushing her hair.

Anyhow, she is quite proud of her hair condition, because thought her hair is rather long, it has never suffered from split-ends or malting.

She says that a Korean once saw her long hair, attempting to buy it for 5000 yuan, but she declined the offer.

Jin Shunzi says she has no plan to cut her hair, and will continue keeping it. Link

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