Monday, July 16, 2007

Stunning images of Irazu Volcano in Costa Rica

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Some stunning images of the Irazu Volcano, an active volcano in Costa Rica. At 3,432 km ( 11,260 ft. ) above sea level, Irazu Volcano is situated in the Cordillera Central close to the city of Cartago.

The principal crater has a diameter of 1050 m ( 3,445 ft. ) and a depth of 300 m ( 984 ft. ), while the Diego de la Haya crater has a diameter of 690 m ( 2,264 ft. ) and a depth of 80 m ( 263 ft. ).

Still an active volcano, Irazu Volcano has a long history of eruptions, dating back to the Spanish colonies (1563). The most recent period of activity occured during 1963 and 1965. This volcano's activity has been characterized by the emission of large clouds of steam, ash and cinders, often accompanied by small local or regional earth tremors, subterranean noises and rumblings, and showers of small and large rocks which usually fall near the rim of the crater. Link, Images

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