Friday, July 20, 2007

Spanish scientist solved the mystery of missing bees!

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The mystery of missing bees finally solved by a Spanish researcher who has been studying the phenomenon for years . According to the researcher, a parasite common in Asian bees has spread to Europe and the Americas, was killing the honeybees in many countries.

The culprit is a microscopic parasite called nosema ceranae said Mariano Higes, who leads a team of researchers at a government-funded apiculture centre in Guadalajara, the province east of Madrid that is the heartland of Spain's honey industry.

"Nosema ceranae is far more dangerous and lives in heat and cold. A hive can become infected in two months and the whole colony can collapse in six to 18 months," said Higes, whose team has published a number of papers on the subject. Link, Image

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