Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Samson – Britain's largest dog!!! ...tallest dog in the world??

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Standing nearly 2m tall (6ft 5in) on his hind legs and tipping the scales at 124kg (19st 10lb), he is enough to make even the most intrepid mailman think twice.

The Newfoundland- Great Dane cross is so big he needs to wear a coat intended for a pony when it is wet and needs an outsize collar to fit his 73cm (29in) neck.

He costs owners Julie and Ray Woods £60 a month to feed, living on a diet of dried food and turkey legs, and requires four 3km (2miles) walks a day.

But the animal described by the Woods as a 'gentle giant' is only three years old – and his owners say he is still growing.

Samson was acquired from an RSPCA centre when he was six months old and already more than 100kg (16st).

The result of an illicit relationship between his Newfoundland father and a Great Dane, he was far bigger than his brothers and sisters.

Samson has some way to go to catch the world's heaviest dog – a 140kg (22st) mastiff in the US. Link

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