Sunday, July 1, 2007

Rare bow-mouthed angelfish arrived in Qingdao

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Four bow-mouthed angelfish, Rhina ancylostoma were sent by air from Singapore to an ocean aquarium in east Chinese city of Qingdao on Friday afternoon.

As an aquarium fish, the bow-mouthed angelfish also have high scientific value, with the species rapidly decreasing in number.

This was the first time that the Chinese mainland has imported this kind of sea fish, which cost the ocean aquarium 100,000 yuan, or some 13,000 US dollars each, the local Newspaper Peninsula Metropolitan News reported.

The four angelfish, two male and two female, are about 75 centimeters long. They are expected to grow to their mature size of 2.7 meters long and 135 kilograms in weigh.

Source : CRI

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