Thursday, July 19, 2007

Prithviraj Patil, a hairy boy in Sangalwadi!

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A 11-year-old boy has hair growing all over his face and body. And doctors say that laser treatment or plastic surgery is the only way out.

Prithviraj Patil, son of a well-to-do farmer in Sangalwadi near Sangli, suffers from a rare medical anomaly though he is otherwise like any normal child.

The boy has no problem with his hair that is up to three-inches long except that it looks awful - there is no itch or rash on the skin or any bad odour accompanying the dermatological problem.

Prithviraj became an object of curiosity at a health detection camp here Sunday as he waited his turn in a long queue of people for a medical check up.

The visit to the health camp was just another effort on the part of Dilip Patil, Prithviraj's father, in his quest to diagnose and possibly find a cure for his Class 5 son.

Skin specialist Dayanand Naik, who found that hormonal and pathological tests conducted on Prithviraj were normal, said that laser treatment or plastic surgery could be attempted after a few years.

Despite his unusual problem, Prithviraj has been doing consistently well in his studies. Link

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