Friday, July 13, 2007

MX Air Mouse works in air!!

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A special mouse designed by Logitech! The new handheld gadget is a essential a mouse and Logitech is calling it an air mouse, or the MX Air Mouse to be exact.

The difference between this and other similar devices is that it also works while being held in the air by recognizing specific hand gestures. The company claims that the mouse can even distinguish between normal hand movement and the deliberate gestures controlling operations on your computer.

Logitech says the MX Air Mouse uses something a little different called Freespace motion control technology. Specific gestures in the air with the mouse can control specific tasks like turning the volume up or down and advancing or moving back tracks as well as pointing and selecting files. Instead of a scroll wheel the Air Mouse uses a touch-sensitive scroll panel, where users would swipe their finger across the surface of the panel to scroll. The speed of your finger swipe is then reflected in the speed of the scrolling action.

All these gestures, pointing and scrolling can all be done from the comfort of your couch since the device uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology which gives it a range of up to 30 feet, and a included, sleek looking cradle keeps it charged.

Logitech will start shipping the MX Air Mouse to the U.S. and Europe in August, with a U.S. retail price of $149.99. Link

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