Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The most spied road in Britain : A CCTV camera every 35 yards!!!

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The road pictured above has a strong claim to being the most spied upon in the country, with 102 surveillance cameras along its two-mile length. One 600-metre stretch of the Holloway Road in North London has CCTV cameras at 25 locations.

And it's not just the state scrutinising your every move, as private CCTV cameras also stare down from banks, shops, pubs - and even a church.

There is no official record of their numbers because shop owners do not need to apply for planning permission unless they want to put a camera on a listed building or on a pole.

The result is a forest of CCTV systems which have made Britain the most heavily-observed country in the world. The latest studies show the UK has 4.2million surveillance cameras - one for every 14 people - and a fifth of the world's cameras.

It has been calculated that every person in the country is caught on camera around 300 times a day. But one big question remains unanswered - are the cameras actually making us any safer?

The price of CCTV equipment has fallen sharply in recent years, leading to a sales boom. Link

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