Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Is Hello the cleverest dog in the World?

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A Taiwan shopkeeper says his pet dog is so clever she can serve customers. The dog, named Hello, also goes to other shops to do the man's shopping for him.

Hello sells betel nuts, known locally as pinang, in the man's store in Pingdong city, reports the China News Network.

"She knows how to open the fridge, pick up the pinang, and put it on the counter, then collect the money from the customers. Many people just come to be served by her," says the owner.

Hello also goes shopping by herself. She carries a plastic bag, containing money and a shopping list, in her mouth.

If there is a queue she waits in line and, when it is her turn to be served, puts her front legs on the counter and drops the bag in front of the shopkeeper.

Her owner says the only problem is that on hot days she prefers to stay in the cool shop rather than hurry home afterwards. Link

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