Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Huang chuncai has 15 kg face tumour successfully removed

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Thanks to god, he was successfully operated by more than 10 doctors in the hour-long surgery that removed the 33-pound tumor. He is expected to be discharge in a month.

The patient, Huang Chuncai, 31, from southern Hunan province, suffered from a facial tumor that had a perimeter of 97 centimeters (38.2 inches), and measured 57 centimeters (22.4 inches) in length, according officials at Fuda Cancer Hospital in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

Huang's facial tumour became noticeable when he was 4 years old, the hospital said. It grew bigger ever more rapidly as he grew older, blocking his left eye, pushing his left ear to shoulder level, knocking out his teeth and deforming his backbone.

Huang is only 1.35 meters (4.5 feet) tall and had trouble speaking, hearing and eating before the surgery. Link

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