Friday, July 27, 2007

Giant prehistoric tusks uncovered in Greece

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Researchers in northern Greece have found two massive tusks of a prehistoric mastodon that roamed Europe more than 2 million years ago -- tusks that could be the largest of their kind ever found.

The remains of the mastodon, which was similar to the woolly mammoth but had straighter tusks as well as different teeth and eating habits, were found in an area about 250 miles north of Athens.

One of the tusks measured 16-feet-4-inches long and the other was more than 15 feet long, the research team said. They were found with the animal's upper and lower jaws -- still bearing teeth -- and leg bones, said Evangelia Tsoukala, an assistant professor of geology at the University of Thessaloniki, who led the team that excavated the site.

The tusks were discovered in October by an excavation machine operator working at a sand quarry, but it took months for the scientific investigation to be organized. Link

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Poetryfree said...

wow... that mammoth is truly large!
do you like archeology?

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