Sunday, July 22, 2007

French designer's 4-dimensional space artwork shocks Shanghai

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Shanghai displayed a 4-dimensional space artwork by renowned French Designer Serge Salat in its landmark building the shopping complex Henglong Plaza on July 20, 2007. This exhibition is the maiden show of Serge Salat's 4-dimensional artwork in China.

This exhibition unveiled a seemingly limitless maze to the public, one of multi-story architectural design. The mystical and fantastic mirror effect, created by the reflections of advanced transparent materials, plus the application of colorful lights, greatly impressed everybody who entered the space. Computer and electronic technologies are also being used to full affect during the exhibition.

There are 288 installation pieces of 5mm thick mirrors that make up the gigantic metal structure. The Buick Park Avenue cars placed amid the sensory space became a highlight of the exhibition, largely amplifying the visitors' visual shock. Link

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